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About American Shoring

American Shoring Inc. is a woman-owned business enterprise (WBE) with the DOT and City of Atlanta, GA. We own and have access to state-of-the-art equipment used to provide safe and economical solutions. 

We have installed shoring to minimize the quantity of excavation and backfill, to allow construction of deep foundations and structures in limited site footprints, to minimize excavation impacts on adjacent properties, and to create receiving shafts for tunnel boring operations. We have had the pleasure to serve on projects in major metropolitan and rural areas throughout the Southeastern United States.

With leadership and quality workmanship work together safely, there are no restrictions on what we can accomplish. Through our dedication to serve our clients, we look to succeed and grow together with them.


We pride ourselves on giving every job the complete benefit of this experience, in service, cost control, and problem solving.
Kelli Wilson, President

Main Office Team

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American shoring offers a variety of shoring and support services for construction projects, including shoring, sheet piling, tunnel and bridge support, drilled piles and caissons, and more.